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Guidlines for students

Expectations from Sunflower Students.

  • Every student should carry his/her diary and identity card to school each day. Late comers shall not be permitted.
  • Children should be habitually clean and always neathly dressed.
  • The morning assembly is compulsory for all students and teachers. Children should reach the assembly promptly after the bell rings a line and in silence.
  • Changing of class room during periods should be done in an orderly manner and silently.
  • The school uniform must be worn on all working days and for all school functions and educational trips.
  • The school is not responsible for goods lost. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles to school. (Wearing of Gold / Diamond ear rings or chains not permitted.)
  • Students who come to school with their escort should never leave before the escort arrives. In case of the delay they should report to the school office.
  • A student should affix his/her photograph and write the required information, duly signed by parents, in the space provided for in the diary.
  • Students will not be allowed to make phone calls from school. They will also not be called to answer phone calls during school hours.
  • Students must maintain discipline in the school transport.
  • IIS students should take care of their health by following diet routine given and be robust and strong.
  • They should be polite and courteous with everyone and everywhere. They should be friendly with others in and out of school.
  • The should always be ready to lend a helping hand and accept whatever work is assigned to them gracefully.
  • There should not be any vulgarity and obscenity in their talk and behavior. They should know that cruelty is the trait of a bully, while kindness is the mark of a gentleman.
  • They should not accept undue favour from any stranger either in the form of a gift or a ride on their vehicle when out of their homes. They should never hestitate to say “No” when asked or tempted to do anything which they know to be wrong.
  • The must take care of the school property and no student should scratch or spoil the school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or in anyway damage things belonging the school.
  • Late coming and missing classes will be against the student as his/her House will be awarded negative points for this.
  • They should take pride in wearning the school uniform.
  • They should be proud of their school and feel honoured in singing IIS song and the National Anthem.



1. Parents are expected to co-operate in the efforts of the school regarding regularity, punctuality, discipline and at promoting the entire development of the child with respect to adjustment to the environment, personal growth, and training for homework and civic life.


(a) That children bring the diaries, note-books etc., to school. These should be property maintained.

(b) That children do their homework regularly.

(c) That children do not bring expensive articles, jewellery money etc. to school. The school cannot be held responsible if these are lost or stolen.

(d) That children suffering from infectious diseases are kept at home for the required quarantine period.

(e) That children are vaccinated and inoculated against infectious diseases.

(f) That children do not give any gifts in cash or kind to any employee of the school.

(g) That children do not drive mopeds, scooter etc. The only mode of conveyance permitted for student to ride to school is bicycle.

2. Parents must impress upon their children that they should at no time, under any circumstances leave the school grounds during school hours without the Principal’s permission or after school with any one but the person entrusted with the responsibility of taking him/her home. If a child fails to comply and runs away or leaves, the school can not be held responsible.

3. Parents will not be allowed to enter a class room to speak to a teacher while a class is in progress. This disturbs the class and often upsets the children.

4. Parents will not be allowed to take their children home during school hours. Parents will save embarrassment to the Principal and disappointment to themselves by not asking for exemption to this rule.

5. Parents must inform the school in case there is a change of residence and telephone number.

6. If a parent wishes to withdraw his/her ward from the school at the end of session, a written application must be submitted a week before in the school office.